The Book Nook

All About Pre-Reading Skills

By AASLJuly 27th

In the span of a child's development, the development of pre reading skills is a crucial milestone. These skills lay the foundation for successful reading and language comprehension.  At All About Speech and Language, we understand the significance of fostering strong pre reading skills. In this blog, our team of Speech-Language Pathologists will explore a few of the essential pre reading skills and provide practical tips for parents to support their child's literacy journey.

Storytime Simplified- “Snatchabook” by Helen Docherty

By AASLJuly 13th

Today, we are exploring the delightful tale of "Snatchabook" by Helen Docherty. This book, great for readers up to second grade, has many opportunities for new learning experiences through the eyes of its main character, Eliza Brown! Come along with us as we give you the tools to take this reading experience to the next level!

Books For Kids – Why We Love The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By AASLJuly 6th

Eric Carle's books have engaged readers of all ages with comforting narratives, accompanied by stunning illustrations and vibrant colors. As Speech-Language Pathologists, we appreciate the numerous benefits that Carle's books offer in supporting children's language development. In this article, we will delve into the beloved classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and explore the reasons why it fosters essential language skills.

Father’s Day Themed Books for Speech and Language Development!

By AASLMay 17th

Father’s Day is right around the corner! Our Speech-Language Pathology team has selected some of their favorite books for this time of year. These sweet books celebrate all the reasons we love our dads. They also have great opportunities for incorporating speech & language goals into story time!

Mother’s Day Themed Books for Speech and Language Development!

By AASLMay 4th

Happy Mother’s Day from AASL! It is that time of year where we celebrate all the strong, wonderful women in our lives. Our SLP team is sharing four different children’s books that highlights motherhood in all different shapes and sizes. We hope you can use these books to engage with your child and work on some fun speech and language development along the way!

Six Winter Books That Help Target Speech Sounds

By AASLNovember 16th

In speech therapy at AASL, we love to use books to target our goals! Each and every book can be tailored to address your child’s needs. We can select books that are loaded with specific targets, or modify the books we love to incorporate the sounds we need. While it is vitally important that your child work on these skills in speech therapy, it is also important that their hard work is translated at home. We’ve gathered some winter themed books that work on specific speech sounds for your child to continue their progress beyond the office.