About Us

Welcome To All About Speech and Language!

All About Speech & Language (AASL) is a multi-purpose, innovative company founded by licensed, experienced, and skilled speech-language pathologists.

On this website discover who we are, the fabulous team we work with,
and the office spaces we love!

We love our clients! And we love our clients’ parents too!
We are very happy to share with you some of their words of gratitude.

What Makes All About Speech & Language Unique?

  • Brieann and Alicia are proud to have received their professional degrees from Boston University, a top ranked program for speech-language pathology in the United States.
  • They both have thorough training in pediatric and adult populations at a variety of noteworthy establishments.
  • They both have received mentor-ship and training from leading professionals in the speech-language field.
  • Both Alicia and Brieann are committed to receiving continued training from around the county that are evidenced-based to best support their clients’ need.

Our Mission

To help your child “Communicate, Grow, Connect”

Our Philosophy

  • Unwavering commitment and dedication to providing high quality, evidence-based, results-driven treatment.
  • Compassion for and personal investment with each client and his/her family.
  • Perseverance to discover the best therapy approach to support and maximize each of our client’s skill set and potential.
  • Education for parents, caregivers, teachers, and other colleagues/ professionals to increase knowledge and promote effective generalization of developmental and life skills.
  • Foster and encourage self-esteem by guiding our clients to successfully partake in shared experiences with other peers and community members, taking therapy beyond the treatment room to a whole new, meaningful level.

Our Promise

To be a premier therapy company offering a unique approach to therapy that is reflective of the needs of our clients and families; to provide quality and highly skilled speech and language therapy services, reflecting our passion for the work we do and the personal investment we dedicate to our client’s and their families; maximizing each client’s potential in a supportive, loving environment throughout each and every life stage.

Our Social Skills Programs

Creating happy children confident in communicating with others.