Reading Programs

Orton Gillingham is a language-based, multi-sensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, and flexible approach to reading instruction.  It is success-oriented and develops a balanced approached to reading instruction through direct teaching.  This reading program is an intensive, sequential, phonics-based system that teaches the basics of word formation before the words themselves.  Any child can benefit from this structured, multi-sensory approach to reading!

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The Lindamood-Bell
approach and programs provide powerful methods and tools for learning.  They specifically help to build the sensory-cognitive skills that are necessary for reading and comprehension of what is read.  During the process of reading, these skill areas are intertwined and must be integrated; a weakness in one will affect the overall end-goal of independent comprehension.

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Easy Tips For Getting In More Reading Practice

No Hassle Activities to Support Your Child’s/Teen’s Reading Skills At Home.