Socialights’ Social Skills Programs

All About Socialights Social Skills Programs

All About Speech & Language (AASL) offers an amazing program called Socialights Therapy.
These Social Skills Programs are designed to better adapt and grow each individual child and/or young adult.

Our mission with this program is “Social Growth for Social Success”.

Our vision is to increase a child’s potential for positive and appropriate social interactions, building successful and meaningful peer relationships, and growing and connecting with the community. This supportive group program allows children and young adults to discover and immediately practice social-communication skills, while building friendships with other peers from the surrounding community.

As guided by social skills research and principles, we believe wholeheartedly in order to be effective therapists and group leaders, creativity, flexibility, humor, patience, and love are essential for working with your child throughout the Socialights experience. We have seen successes in our classes and are excited to continue to make a difference in the lives of those individuals who participate.  Our Socialights Connection, Inc. programs consist of one child with an ST, two peers with an ST, Socialights’ groups for different ages, consisting of 6-8 peers with an ST, that consists of functional and friendship components.


Contact Information: or 813-616-4004 to schedule a screening.