Occupational Therapy and Developmental Milestones

Occupational Therapy (OT) services address physical, psychological, and social factors impacting a child’s functional performance in everyday roles, or “occupations.” Our skilled Occupational Therapists provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s ability to complete self-care, play, academic, and interactive skills at an age-appropriate level. Through evaluation, an OT identifies underlying issues that may be interfering with your child’s participation in his or her aforementioned daily roles, including deficits in strength, fine and gross motor coordination, visual motor and/or visual perceptual skills, bilateral coordination, executive functions, sensory processing and self-regulatory skills. Treatment plans are then developed in a collaborative process between therapists and families, in order to best meet individual needs and provide child-centered care. The goal of our services is to promote the highest level of independence for your child so that he or she may participate as actively and fully as possible in his or her meaningful daily roles. We are here to help your child gain the skills needed for success at home, school, and in the community.

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Does your Child Need OT? 

The following pdfs give general information regarding typical developmental milestones. One or two missing skills within an age range does not mean your child is delayed. However, if a majority of skills or milestones are missing within an age range, we suggest you have your child evaluated by an occupational therapist.

Download our PDFs:

Occupational Therapy and Developmental Milestones Chart

Does Your Child Need OT?

Occupational Therapy Services Overview