Writing Programs

Who Can Benefit from Writing Support: 

At All About Speech & Language, we provide two kinds of writing support, each tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  We work with a variety of children with and without learning needs to support across the areas of handwriting and academic-based writing, with more information outlined below!

1. Handwriting Support provided by our Occupational Therapists to address fine motor concerns using Handwriting Without Tears

2. Customized, Academic-Based Writing Support provided by our Speech-Language Pathologists to address the cognitive-linguistic skills needed for writing tied to the Writing Process as well as Writing Product.

Both handwriting and writing skills go hand-in-hand, and many of our clients who exhibit difficulties with writing receive support in handwriting, to help improve their legibility and stamina for producing content that is readable, as well as in the writing process as a whole.

Is Your Child Struggling with Writing?  

Difficulty with writing, which is also referred to as Dysgraphia, is a term used for difficulties with writing and can occur alone, but also co-occurs with Dyslexia and other learning needs.
Children and teens who struggle with the Writing Process are noted to exhibit difficulties with planning, drafting, executing, and editing their written work.  As a whole they struggle with planning and organizing themselves and are often noted to have a difficult time “getting their thoughts out onto paper.”
Children and teens who struggle with Writing Product have a hard time forming and writing grammatical sentences, using a variety of sentence structures, organizing their thoughts morphologically and syntactically, and implementing correct word choice.  As a whole, these children and teens struggle to write cohesively (i.e. linking key details and information, expanding upon thoughts and ideas etc.) as well as in using writing conventions correctly (i.e. capitalization, punctuation etc.) and are often noted to “have a lot to say but nothing translates onto paper.”

How We Can Help

Our customized writing support includes tailored, grade-level support around learning to plan via the support of graphic organizers, draft and execute writing, identify/understand the purpose of writing (i.e. narrative, informational, persuasive genres and texts), tailor writing to specific writing prompts, write for a variety of audiences, and use a variety of sources to gather information for writing (i.e. books, internet etc.).  Additionally, mnemonic strategies are also used to help edit and revise work, particularly around fixing key organizational and spelling errors.

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