All About Pre-Reading Skills

By AASLJuly 27, 2023

In the span of a child’s development, the development of pre-reading skills is a crucial milestone. These skills lay the foundation for successful reading and language comprehension.  At All About Speech and Language, we understand the significance of creating strong pre-reading skills. In this blog, our team of Speech-Language Pathologists will explore a few of the essential pre-reading skills and provide practical tips for parents to support their child’s literacy journey.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is the ability to recognize the sounds of a spoken language. It is the basic foundation of pre-reading skills. By developing phonological awareness, children gain the ability to identify and play with sounds, which later helps them decode words. By engaging your child in activities such as rhyming games, clapping syllables, or identifying beginning sounds in words this will enhance their phonological awareness abilities.

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