Occupational Therapy

7 Tips To Avoid Screen Time Burn Out

By AASLApril 21st

Screen-time is happening in all forms these days; virtual/remote learning is still being utilized within many schools, therapies including speech and occupational therapy are able to be provided via teletherapy, and many children still enjoy screen-time during their free time at home. We wanted to share our top tips with you to help maximize the times when your child does have to participate in on-screen lessons and to keep their motivation high!

Wiping Bottoms

By AASLDecember 3rd

Things to Consider from an OT Perspective Potty training can sometimes be one of the hardest things for parents and... View Article

5 Ways to Encourage Independence

By AASLDecember 3rd

In occupational therapy, we are always encouraging the development of independent living skills for our clients, but it can be challenging for our busy families to integrate daily practice into their schedule. Here are 5 tips to encourage independence in your child:

How Important is Good Handwriting?

By AASLJanuary 6th

Handwriting skills are essential for children. Even with increasing technology, they remain the primary tool for communication and knowledge assessment for students in the classroom.