Feeding Therapy

Understanding Dysphagia & Swallowing Challenges

By AASLJune 29th

June is an important month for raising awareness about Dysphagia. Dysphagia is defined by the National Institutes of Health as an impairment or difficulty in swallowing. It may sound like a mouthful (pun intended!) but understanding dysphagia and how speech therapy can make a big difference doesn't have to be complicated.

Veggie Play: Help your Little One Learn to Love Vegetables

By AASLMay 26th

Does your child cry, immediately push the plate away or refuse to even take a bite out of a vegetable? When a child dislikes a particular food often times it results in negative behaviors as a result of increased anxiety surrounding a particular food or food group. Here are 5 tips to increase a child’s outlook and engagement with vegetables by engaging their senses!

Beyond Feeding Therapy

By AASLOctober 31st

Benefits you didn’t know that Feeding Therapy can contribute to! Feeding therapy conducted by a speech-language pathologist focuses on addressing... View Article