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  • Compassion for and personal investment with each client and his/her family.
  • Perseverance to discover the best therapy approach to support and maximize each of our client’s skill set and potential.
  • Education for parents, caregivers, teachers, and other colleagues/professionals to increase knowledge and promote effective generalization of developmental and life skills.
  • Foster and encourage self-esteem by guiding our clients to successfully partake in shared experiences with other peers and community members, taking therapy beyond the treatment room to a whole new, meaningful level.

It's All About
Social Skills

Top Signs Your Child May Be Struggling With Social Skill Development

  • We have been with All About Speech & Language almost 2 years now.  Our child’s speech and pronunciation has improved tremendously!  His social skills at daycare has followed suit.  We are grateful for All About Speech &… View Article

    - Jason Jones
  • Both children have improved so much since coming to All About Speech & Language! One child is now vocalizing more!  The other child is also doing the same!  We’re so happy to have such amazing therapists. Thank you,… View Article

    - Idiana Zarris
  • We were thrilled when we found out what was causing our child’s difficulties with handwriting – we had a name for it and since our child began working with Ms. Jenn, his confidence in his work has grown!  Just… View Article

    - Charlotte
  • Our child has improved in his development greatly since he started the group and therapy at All About Speech & Language. He has not had any difficulty carrying over what he is learning, since he is becoming more flexible…he… View Article

    - Lily Perez
  • I have really liked the structure of topics for the summer social group… Our child has truly grown with the tools we are using from the sessions – Thank you! Social Skills Mid-Way Summer Survey: What lesson… View Article

    - Chloe Burke
  • We’re an army family, I’ve been in now for going on 22 years. Our child is 13, he has a diagnosis of Autism which he received at age 6. We move on average every 24 months, coming up… View Article

    - Jeromy and Melissa Wolford
  • “For 2 years my husband and I have gone through a handful of speech and occupational therapists on a mission to give our kids the best care. We were looking for therapists that did more than the average, and… View Article

    - Jessica and Steve Flores
  • Miss Alicia always shares her strategies at the end of each session and is always positive, fun and genuinely cares about our family. Best part is that our child is making huge gains and enjoys therapy even… View Article

    - Jen and Tony Caramato
  • Best place hands down! Love watching my child learn and grow. He is developing skills to last a lifetime here. All the staff/teachers are so professional and amazing. They have such a heart of gold. They have the… View Article

    - The Clay Family
  • The Therapists at All About Speech & Language are top notch professionals who are 100% dedicated to their clients. Our child has been receiving speech therapy here for some time now and we are so thankful for them…. View Article

    - Mary Unangst
  • I just wanted to express how much we love Ms. Alicia and the All About Speech environment!!! Ms. Alicia made our child feel so comfortable. I was worried about the transition, but she was so energetic and friendly… View Article

    - Erin Masserini

Learn All About Our Summer Camp Programs

All About Speech and Language is offering two new summer camps as well as summer long reading and handwriting support! These programs are designed to help children and young adults develop a variety of skills. Please see the camp descriptions, times and locations below and RSVP for the programs of your choice! Our respective team members will then follow up with you directly following receipt of your RSVP to coordinate scheduling.Complete the RSVP form or call us today to discuss how these programs may benefit your child!

Sign up for a 4-week therapist-led cooking class designed to increase exploration of food through play! Your child will engage in a variety of food based activities to help them explore the different colors, textures, smells, and tastes of foods. The class will include movement activities, tactile play, chopping, mixing, and more!

Sign up for an 8-week program that will introduce your child to the foundational skill of typing! Each participant is required to provide their own laptop computer. The classes will meet 2x/week for 60-minutes and will include movement activities, fine motor strengthening, typing, and more.

AASL continues to offer Reading and Academic Writing support available at our S. Tampa office led by our team of licensed Speech-Language Pathologists trained in a variety of multi-sensory, rule-based, reading and writing programs. This will be customized 1:1 instruction that is provided to best support your child to increase his/her current reading fluidity, level of comprehension, and execution across writing genres.

Let us help you design a customized therapy plan for your child.

Learn About Our Therapy Services

All About Speech & Language (AASL) offers individual and collaborative group treatment for speech-language and occupational therapy. We cover a variety of disorder areas, abilities, and skills from childhood through adulthood.

Therapy Services:

  • Speech Therapy

    All About Speech & Language is committed to all children reaching their full potential in speech and language. As speech-language therapists, we understand that any speech or language difficulty is likely to have a tremendous impact on your child’s development, social skills, academics, and behavior.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Our occupational therapists are skilled at assessing and improving a variety of physical, cognitive, and sensory skills that are an important part of your child’s overall development. For the child, everyday activities include learning through play, developing independence skills, and interacting with others; occupational therapists work to help children make gains across these areas, which often positively supports speech and language development.

Meet the AASL Team

Brieann Yimoyines


President and Founder

Brieann feels it is especially important to teach the necessary life skills to foster personal growth and independence for their clients to subsequently live, work, and become part of their own community.


Alicia Yimoyines


CEO and Founder

Guiding Alicia's therapy is the commitment to establish trusting and open relationships with both clients and their families, bridging the gap from the therapy room into the home and community.


Brittany Garcia


Speech & Language Pathologist

Brittany believes that every child is unique and tailors therapy to create individualized plans in order to meet that child’s needs so that he or she can become successful as growing members of the community.


Baylee Skjefte


Occupational Therapist

Baylee is committed to helping children gain independence in meaningful daily roles, including their ability to learn new skills, foster autonomy in self-care and academics, and interact within their community and across environments.


All About Our Families

The families we provide therapy for at AASL are our second families. We aim to demonstrate how much we value them in every business decision we make. We are different! We will always focus on quality over quantity and look forward to launching these programs in 2016 to support and grow our families.

In addressing the whole body of the child, nutrition is essential in helping with his or her therapeutic progress. We will provide information and programs to educate our families on ways to use nutrition to help your child, and your entire family.

The health of the whole family is crucial. Stress is counterproductive, and we aim to provide exercise programs to focus on the health and wellness of the entire family. We will also offer a relaxing waiting room catering to our adult caregivers.

In our waiting rooms, we will provide an extensive library of resources for you to peruse and arm yourself with knowledge. Knowledge is power, and we will work hard to provide you with the latest information on topics we believe could be helpful in your journey.

We look forward to offering educational opportunities with experts in and outside of our Tampa Bay area on a variety of topics. These programs will be offered for a nominal fee, with our goal of providing the highest quality presenters while respecting your valuable time.


  • Father’s Day Themed Books for Speech and Language Development!

    By AASLMay 17th

    Father’s Day is right around the corner! Our Speech-Language Pathology team has selected some of their favorite books for this time of year. These sweet books celebrate all the reasons we love our dads. They also have great opportunities for incorporating speech & language goals into story time!

  • Mother’s Day Themed Books for Speech and Language Development!

    By AASLMay 4th

    Happy Mother’s Day from AASL! It is that time of year where we celebrate all the strong, wonderful women in our lives. Our SLP team is sharing four different children’s books that highlights motherhood in all different shapes and sizes. We hope you can use these books to engage with your child and work on some fun speech and language development along the way!

  • Media We Are ALL ABOUT at AASL

    By AASLMarch 23rd

    While you’ll hear us push for story time or imaginative play as ways to engage with your child, we understand that life happens and the TV/tablet/etc. is going to get turned on for our littles. Here are recommendations of a few options that are better quality options for building your child’s communication skills:

  • Why Hearing Loss Impacts Speech Therapy?

    By AASLFebruary 15th

    Did you know that about 2 to 3 out of 1000 children born in the United States have some detectable... View Article