Veggie Play: Help your Little One Learn to Love Vegetables

By AASLMay 26, 2021

Is your child fearful of vegetables?

Does your child cry, immediately push the plate away or refuse to even take a bite out of a vegetable? When a child dislikes a particular food often times it results in negative behaviors as a result of increased anxiety surrounding a particular food or food group.

As adults, it is important to understand that there are a series of steps that must be made before a child can simply eat a new or non- preferred food. Think about the last time you came face to face with a food you had never seen before. You likely used your senses to see if it was something you’d be interested in before deciding to take a bite out of it. Perhaps you smelled it, touched it or even licked it before you took your first bite. Children are no different. We must encourage children to be comfortable with foods they “dislike” before we can expect them to eat them. 

Here are 5 tips to increase a child’s outlook and engagement with vegetables by engaging their senses! 

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