Tips to Expand the Foods in Your Child’s Diet

By AASLJanuary 5, 2023

Are you tired of serving the same chicken nuggets and French fries for dinner? Maybe you feel like your child has no variety in their diet. We are here to help! It is very common for children to prefer bland and neutral-colored foods such as bread, crackers, chicken nuggets, and fries. Children also like these foods because they taste the same every single time. Foods like fruits and vegetables can vary in taste and texture depending on how ripe they are or how they are prepared. This can be a deterrent for some children. Below are some ways to expand the foods in your child’s diet.

Keep Meals Free from Pressure

This means putting new food on their plate might cause them distress, but it is our job as caregivers to remain calm. It is important to reassure your child that they “don’t have to eat it”. This will allow them to remain at the table with a sense of control. The child gets to decide what and how much food they will eat. Even though they “liked” food last time it was served they may not like it the following time and that is okay! We as adults have preferences too.

Serve New Foods Often

It can give your child many exposures to a non-preferred food before they take a bite. Also keep in mind that this exposure can be a very small amount such as a tablespoon or one small piece. The more times they are served this food the less intimidating it will be.

Always Include a Preferred Food

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