At All About Speech & Language, we understand that when it comes to teaching, one approach may not be a perfect fit for all students.   However, we also know that the foundational skills needed to be an efficient and competent reader are indeed the same for all students.  When it comes to our reading instruction, we utilize our formal training in a variety of evidence-based programs combined with our clinical judgment to best meet the needs of our unique students.  We are passionate about progress and perceptive about identifying our students’ reading-related weaknesses that need to be developed during instruction; our goal is to nurture and graduate fluent, enthusiastic, and confident readers.

The Lindamood-Bell approach and programs provide powerful methods and tools for learning.  They specifically help to build the sensory-cognitive skills that are necessary for reading and comprehension of what is read.  To be a strong reader and ultimately a strong comprehender, you must have the component skills for reading fully developed; these skills include those that are Auditory-related (i.e. phonological awareness/processing and word attack skills), Visually-related (orthographic/letter processing and word recognition), and Language-based (vocabulary and contextual reading).  During the process of reading, these skill areas are intertwined and must be integrated; a weakness in one will affect the overall end-goal of independent comprehension.

Two such programs that we utilize to assist our students in the development of their reading-based skills are the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech (LiPS) as well as the Seeing Stars: Symbol Imagery program.   The LiPS program uses feedback from the senses of hearing (ear), seeing (eyes), and feeling (mouth) to aid in the development of phonological awareness.  The Seeing Stars program develops a student’s “symbol imagery” to visualize letters and patterns in words, assisting with reading fluency and spelling recall.

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