Wiping Bottoms

By AASLDecember 3, 2020

Things to Consider from an OT Perspective

Potty training can sometimes be one of the hardest things for parents and children alike. It’s important to remember it’s not a one-and-done deal. Like any lifelong skill, it takes practice and time to master. It’s also imperative to realize that regression in skills is common, occurs frequently, and is normal (e.g. consider changes in daily routines or unexpected stressors). Consistency, patience, and a positive attitude can make a significant difference in reducing anxiety or potential shame felt by the child if they do have an accident.

In occupational therapy, we frequently get asked, “How do I get my child to wipe their own bottom?” There are several things to consider before jumping right into it. Think of these as foundations to build upon, introducing these skills during playtime even when your child may not be ready for potty training just yet.

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