How To Help Your Child Learn Sight Words

By AASLJune 29, 2023

Sight words are words that appear frequently in texts are the building blocks of reading fluency. These are words  that are recognized instantly by sight, without the need for decoding. Today, our highly skilled team of Speech Therapists are discussing exciting strategies and interactive activities that will empower your child to unlock the full potential of these essential reading tools. As parents, you play a vital role in helping your child master sight words. So, let’s delve into some effective ways to support your child’s sight words learning journey.

Read Aloud Regularly

Reading aloud is a proven method to enhance language skills, including sight word recognition. Set aside dedicated reading time with your child, selecting books that contain frequently used sight words and also are themed to your child’s specific interests. Point to the words as you read and emphasize their visual representation. This process reinforces word recognition and builds a strong foundation for reading.

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