Life Essentials 101: Miss Brieann’s Newest “love”

By AASLJanuary 20, 2017

Life Essentials 101: Miss Brieann’s Newest “love” (and it’s not Mr. Eric or Gracie!)
By Brieann Yimoyines Papp, M.S., CCC-SLP, President and Co-Founder

As many of you may, or may not know, Miss Alicia and I took a little siesta in October with our families for a short holiday to recharge and rejuvenate our bodies and minds.  While we love what we do and we love a routine, holidays, vacations, and time away from our day-to-day routines is very important.  As Matthew Kelly, a known author and speaker, says (and I paraphrase), “When the air masks drop on an airplane, we need to first put the oxygen mask on ourselves before assisting our children and those around us.  We can’t help anyone unless we take care of ourselves first.”  Wow.  Thought provoking quote to say the least and how very true it is!

While the time away served us and our families well, something that has also helped rejuvenate and restore me is the use of essential oils.  Our company’s view of therapeutically providing whole body support is manifested from our own professional and personal experiences of health and wellness and healing the body.

Thanks to Miss Steph who has provided a wealth of information for our entire team on essential oils, coupled with my personal endeavors on healing the body naturally as a result of a minor setback in 2015, the use of essential oils has changed my life, and all for the better!

This photo from our trip features some of my favorite essential oils that I use daily, topically and in a diffuser, for a variety of uses such as tummy aches, anxiety, stress, relaxation and calming, immunity support…the list goes on.

Back to that quote from earlier, essential oils have been my “oxygen mask” that has helped me tremendously and they excite and uplift me in a way I cannot put into words!  In taking care of myself through the use of these oils, I am better able to serve my family, my team, and our wonderful clients and families at All About Speech & Language.

This is not going to be the only time you read about essential oils, and you have probably already smelled them in our offices, so stay tuned!  And if any of you have questions about essential oils and how they can help you and your families please let us know!

Happy to help as always!  Here’s to being your essential best!  Miss Brieann 🙂

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