In celebration of World Occupational Therapy Day here are a few fun facts about OT

By AASLOctober 24, 2018

World OT Day is October 27th

Occupational therapy is a health care profession that works with individuals across the lifespan to enable participation in life’s “occupations.” Occupational Therapists (OTs) enhance children and adults abilities to engage in daily roles and activities that are both important and necessary to each individual.

In celebration of World Occupational Therapy Day here are a few fun facts about OT:

Did you know …

– “Occupation” does not just mean formal employment. Occupations include any and all meaningful and necessary activities of daily life, for example: dressing, eating, playing, learning, writing, socializing, shopping, driving, cooking etc!

– OTs work in many settings, including but not limited to: assisted living centers, mental health facilities, schools, hospitals, clinics, communities, and even homes. OTs can specialize in their area of interest and determine which setting is a best fit for them (Ms. Jen’s is pediatrics of course ).

– Occupational Therapy developed in the 20th century surrounding the need for mental health reform. OTs showed the world that through the use of purposeful occupations, individuals were increasingly able to recover from mental illness and lead productive, fulfilling lives. The first “occupation” they did this with was basket weaving!

– OT was officially founded in 1917 by three men and three women… three years before women could even vote  #Equality

– Soldiers returning home from WWI were among OTs first patients!

– Since 2007, OTs must earn masters degrees to become licensed therapists. These degrees cover advanced level psychology, biology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and much, much more!

– OTs understand how the whole body works and utilize holistic approaches combined with scientific evidence and current research to provide comprehensive treatment.

– OTs are making an impact on individual and family quality of life all over the globe!

For more information on World Occupational Therapy Day visit #WFOT

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