AASL’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

By AASLNovember 29, 2021

Have you been wondering what to get your child or teen for the holidays that will nurture their development and target important skills? Are you looking to give your child a gift that will not only bring them joy and fun, but also bring them closer to their therapy goals? We know that it can be difficult to find something for your child that will not just entertain them for a fleeting period of time but will also leave a lasting impact on their development and learning.

At AASL, we understand the joy toys bring to children of all ages and abilities. While our holiday gift guide categorizes toys by age, we recognize that some children may have unique needs and preferences. We believe that all toys have the potential to be utilized to cater to a child’s individual requirements and interests. We encourage you to explore our suggestions with the understanding that a toy’s value often transcends age boundaries and can be adapted to suit a child’s specific needs.

With the changing times come different toy trends that are popular with kids in today’s age. We hope that this gift guide brings you some insight into what may interest your child this holiday season as well as bring them closer to their communication, language, and learning goals!

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