Halloween, Trick or Treat?

By AASLOctober 16, 2015

For families without a child with special needs, it is All About the treat! For the rest of us, it is really about negotiating all the tricks! It’s All About the itchy costumes, the cackling and screeching noises, the strobe lights, the chaos of all the children, the confusion over the stranger factor, and certainly the lack of nutrition! Parents, please hang in there! It does get easier for most of us. My 10 year old daughter with autism now enjoys wearing costumes any time of the year, she enjoys carving and painting pumpkins, and she loves being the giver instead of the receiver of the treats! So, we might have altered our celebration of this “holiday” over the years; however, it is All About meeting the child where he/she is any given year. Thanks to the Teal Pumpkin Project; we continue to get more support over the idea of providing nutritious, allergen free treats, or other small items, like themed pencils and such, to all children. How exciting!

We wish you a safe and fun-filled Halloween, again with a focus on doing what is best for your child!

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