Gracie Nicole Papp

By AASLAugust 26, 2016

Gracie Nicole Papp

  • Purebred Havanese
  • Hypoallergenic (all hair no fur)
  • Ball of fluff and so much love!

Gracie Nicole came into Miss Brieann and Mr. Eric’s lives this year by no coincidence!  Since she stole their hearts, she has brought love, laughter, and plenty of smiles to their home, and with that she has also filled a purpose and role at All About Speech & Language.  Miss Brieann has always wanted a therapy dog to bring to work to help all the children All About Speech & Language serves from socializing to reading, and in between!

Gracie is currently in training to become a service/therapy dog…stay tuned for her official badge and vest that she will earn when she completes and passes all the training requirements.  Until then, she comes to work to play, sleep, eat, and have fun all while she learns and follows the commands Miss Brieann has her practicing!

Gracie has brought much joy to many of our clients at All About Speech & Language and it has been such a blessing to watch them grow and learn alongside our furry friend!

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