Breaking Down Social Skills for Middle and High School Kids

By AASLJune 22, 2023

 As therapists and parents, we understand the importance of fostering social skills in middle and high school children. Adolescence is a critical period for the development of social abilities, as our children learn to navigate their way through incredibly complex social dynamics. In this blog, we will explore essential social skills in middle and high school kids and provide information on how we, as speech and occupational therapists, support their growth in these areas.

Let’s Talk About Social Skills in Middle and High School Children!

Clear and effective communication is the foundation of successful social interactions and social skills in middle and high school. Middle and high school children should strive to achieve milestones such as active listening, expressing ideas, and understanding nonverbal cues. Encourage  your child to practice active listening skills by encouraging eye contact, nodding, and summarizing what they’ve heard from their peers. This fosters empathy and understanding. Middle and high school children should develop the ability to express their thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner. In speech therapy, we can help your child interpret nonverbal cues, such as body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice, enhancing their ability to perceive and respond appropriately to social situations. 

Friends Forever

Developing meaningful relationships is vital for personal and academic success, not only for our middle and high school children but for all individuals. We want to encourage your child to consider others’ viewpoints and help them understand everyone’s experiences and emotions. Middle and high school children should be able to  engage in team-based activities, both inside and outside of school, to cultivate their ability to work collaboratively and respect diverse opinions. Our therapists’ goal is to teach them effective strategies for resolving conflicts, such as active listening and staying on topic.

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