Attitudes of Gratitude

By AASLNovember 22, 2016

By Alicia Yimoyines, M.S., CCC-SLP, CEO and Founder and
Brieann Yimoyines Papp, M.S., CCC-SLP, President and Founder

With each passing day, it’s not hard to see that the state of affairs of the world seem so overbearing, hurtful, angry, cold-hearted, and downright discouraging.  It doesn’t take long until your own world, inside this larger one we live in, can start to feel like and take on the same views.  As we decorate for fall, in anticipation of a season of abundance, one simple word hangs over our fireplaces at the heart of our homes: Thankful.  One simple word that is the key to unlocking so much more: kindness, thoughtfulness, genuineness, love, and above all, having an attitude of gratitude.

We have come across several individuals, all in different places that on separate occasions have mentioned this idea of living daily gratitude and the powerful and positive impact that has.  This impact not only packs a powerful punch of positivity, kindness, thoughtfulness, genuineness, and thankfulness in our own lives, but also impacts the lives of all those around us.  Sit with this thought for a minute; your daily attitude of gratitude can change the lives of those around you. The power that resides in recognizing the ability for you to impact others and change their lives, for the better, instantaneously makes us feel joyful, optimistic, and hopeful!  And we have witnessed in our personal lives how this daily attitude of gratitude makes all the difference!

Like the image above, here at All About Speech & Language (AASL) we are continually reminded to:

Be kind.  Be kind in our words and actions to all those we encounter, regardless of how we are feeling.

Be Thoughtful. Be thoughtful in our actions and go out of our way to help others and make them feel loved and appreciated.

Be Genuine. Be genuine in who you are, what you believe in, and stand for; and not at the expense of others.

Be Thankful and Grateful. Be thankful and grateful for everything we have in our lives, the large and the small things, moments, people, events, opportunities…the list goes on and on!

Actively practicing all of these beautiful words leads to living one very BLESSED life!

It’s such a joy to come to work and witness the kindness of our team members to one another as well as all the interactions that take place between therapists, the families they work with, and each of our families to one another in waiting room interactions. Seeing our moms hang out and chat, get to know one another, and help one another with any and all suggestions from their personal experiences brings smiles to our hearts!

Seeing the thoughtfulness our families have for AASL in donating toys, sharing family photos and school pictures, telling stories, inviting us to family events, and taking part in our own lives and milestones, allows us to appreciate the personal relationships we have beyond the treatment room walls.

Witnessing the genuineness of our families for causes they support on behalf of their children and the journeys they have been on empowers us to work harder, give more of ourselves, and continue to make a stand for each and every client that walks through our doors and into our lives.  It inspires us to even reach out further to give back, leave an imprint of love, and join in support of worthy causes within our community; this year we were blessed to take part in our very own Emma’s Shoes for Tampa Bay Event, the St. Jude Walk to End Childhood Cancer, support the Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay in promoting Adoption Awareness, and giveback to children in our local community for the holidays.  We look forward to the opportunities to come where AASL can continue to support and giveback to all those around us


AASL Team Members with Emma at the August 6, 2016, Crossing Church’s Shoes For Tampa Bay Event!


AASL Staff, Family Members & Friends at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer on Saturday, September 24th!


AASL Joins The Heart Gallery Tampa Bay to support adoption! See our featured children Ashanti and Antonio at our offices and at:

All of these examples are reminders of reasons to be ever grateful.  We are beyond thankful for these moments, interactions, and daily memories that touch our hearts and leave lasting daily imprints on us as therapists, and our greater AASL family at large.  In adopting an attitude of gratitude, there are so many instances that come into focus that bring joy to each day and opportunity to be thankful.

Thank you, our dear families, for allowing us the privilege to serve you and journey forward together. Our hearts are full and it remains to be our steadfast hope and commitment to be a positive contribution to you, today and in all the years ahead.

With Love and Gratitude,
Alicia and Brieann

P.S. In case you were wondering… here’s a tool to help!

How do you go about having this daily attitude of gratitude you might ask?  Well first and foremost, a journal is key.  We found a journal in our searches, that we have grown to love at: Intelligent Change.  Or you can create your own, whatever moves you!

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