AASL Goals for 2017!

By AASLJanuary 31, 2017

Alicia Yimoyines and Brieann Yimoyines Papp, All About Speech & Language (AASL)
Co-Founders, Speech & Language Pathologists

Happy New Year! Our Goals for 2017!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!  What a year 2016 was for AASL, and for each of our team members personally.  We launched our Electronic Medical record system (special thanks to Holly for her dedication!), added 4 new members to our team family (all amazing ladies we might add!), introduced our service pup Gracie as an important dynamic of our daily sessions, acquired more space for us to grow in South Tampa, unveiled our new website and social media presence (kudos to Phyllis for her leadership in these areas!), kicked-off our Interactive Metronome program, had two team members gain extra credentials behind their last names (yippee Jenna and Steph!), had two marriage proposals (yay Alicia and Jen!), and cheered on our own kindergartener on his new adventure (great holding it together Steph!), just to name a few!  With all these exciting milestones for us this past year, we are especially excited for this New Year ahead; for being stronger individuals and a more exceptional therapy home for YOU, our dear families!!

Many look upon a New Year as a fresh start, improving the past and setting new goals and plans for the future.  Whether these goals relate personally to your health, balance and home life, desire for new hobbies or self-improvement, or if they relate professionally to your career goals and effectiveness on the job, it’s critical to set clear goals and a logical plan of action in order to pave the way for success and instill lasting habits for change.  Individually and as a team, while we have all set our own personal and professional goals for 2017, we wanted to brainstorm goals for our relationship with you; our families and our clients.  Here at AASL, we strive everyday to make your experience with us different, unique, personalized, and to maximize the progress you and your kids are making in their therapy sessions and at home in between sessions.  Our goal for 2017 for all of our families and students is increased accountability; working as a TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More.  We want to improve your experience when you walk through the doors of our office and into our care, and to maximize the successes we share together; however we cannot do it alone.  We need YOU a part of our team.  Our goal for 2017, to increase our effectiveness, observed and documented successes, and to continue to enforce our reputation as Tampa’s premier therapy company, can best be described by the graphic below.

This Venn Diagram is an illustration of The AASL Experience!
 All About Speech & Language is a goals-oriented and success-driven therapy clinic.  Success can be achieved with a solid relationship built on open communication
and commitment by the therapist, child, and parent.

  • The child and therapist work together in their scheduled therapy sessions.
  • The therapist and parent communicate about the sessions and the home program; 
outlining activities to be worked on at home until the next therapy appointment.
  • The parent and child work together on the home program, as advised by the therapist. 
If these three integral parts of the relationship are designated a priority and followed through with, your child will realize success in accomplishing his/her therapeutic goals much more quickly. If any, or all, of these three are missing, goals likely will take much longer, or perhaps will not be realized. 
Let’s work together in pursuit of your child’s success; together we can accomplish change!

Thank you, once again, for allowing us to be a part of your lives and your families.  Our relationship with you is not something we take lightly, and we look forward in 2017 to achieving even more success in our sessions and at home.  To experience this success, let us hold each other accountable: Together Everyone Achieves More!  Happy New Year and wishing you much love, health, blessings, and so much growth in the year to come!!


Alicia and Brieann & The All About Speech & Language Team!


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