Why a functional, life-skills approach to therapy?

As therapists, we feel it is very important that children receive therapy in the context of individual treatment provided in an office setting. Individual therapy allows a child to receive 1:1, personalized and direct instruction to address goals and objectives pertaining to each child’s speech and language development.

However, as a child grows and develops, it is important to address functional, life-based skills; skills that include routines such as going to the grocery store, shopping at stores for personal hygiene products and clothes, and eating at restaurants. These functional skills are just as important in the therapeutic process and often times go unaddressed, creating challenges when children reach adolescence and skills initially learned in a treatment room have not successfully carried over to these types of environments. A functional, life-skills approach to therapy reinforces what is learned in individual therapy sessions and helps children apply such skills to environments that they are a part of on a daily basis, and will continue to be a part of as functioning members in his and her own community.

Our co-treatments are a perfect opportunity to implement functional, life-skills into your child’s therapeutic program!

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