What is Occupational Therapy (OT) and why should I get my child screened?

Occupational therapy in the pediatric setting focuses on helping children build the necessary skills needed to participate in their occupation, which is PLAY. Play is an essential part of your child’s life because it assists with the development of motor, language, social and cognitive skills.

In addition, occupational therapy also focuses on the development of fine-motor skills (eye-hand coordination and dexterity), self-help skills (feeding, bathing, dressing), neuromotor development, and sensory integration and sensory processing skills.

For the older child, occupational therapy addresses the previously mentioned domains in addition to handwriting abilities, visual skills for reading, and advancing functional life skills and independence. Occupational therapy is often provided in combination with speech and language therapy to address any underlying weaknesses, and through a “whole-body needs” approach, it helps support the continued development of speech and language.

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