How do we get started and what insurance do you take?

Current OT evaluation reports and group therapy referrals are required for admission of children who will be going through insurance for payment. We are currently only accepting Tricare Insurance at this time. For new or interested Tricare families, if our occupational therapists do not currently work with your child, an initial evaluation appointment will be required prior to enrollment in one of our specialty programs at least two weeks before the start date for the group.

For families interested in paying privately for the group, we require a $75 initial screening appointment, which will take approximately 30 minutes and needs to be completed at least two weeks before the start date for the group. This visit provides a baseline measure for your child’s strengths and areas of need and allows us to gain insight to establish goals for group intervention.

Our groups require a minimum number of participants to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children participating in the group.  AASL reserves the right to postpone/cancel groups if interest is too low.

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