The AASL Experience


This Venn Diagram is an illustration of The AASL Experience. All About Speech & Language is a goals-oriented and success-driven therapy clinic. Success can be achieved with a solid relationship built on communication and commitment by the therapist, child, and parent.

  • The child and therapist work together in their scheduled therapy sessions.
  • The therapist and parent communicate about the sessions and the home program; outlining activities to be worked on at home until the next therapy appointment.
  • The parent and child work together on the home program, as advised by the therapist.

If these three integral parts of the relationship are designated a priority and followed through with, your child will realize success in accomplishing his/her therapeutic goals. If any, or all, of these three are missing, goals likely will take much longer, or perhaps will not be realized.

Let’s work together in pursuit of your child’s success; together we can accomplish change!