Deck the Halls- Targeting OT Goals During the Holiday Season

By AASLDecember 15, 2022

The holidays are around the corner, and everyone is getting ready for the festivities. Whether the mischievous Elf on the Shelf is heralding Santa’s arrival, or the cookies and veggie snacks are ready for Santa and his reindeer, your child can participate in the holidays while targeting fundamental Occupational Therapy skills at home. During skilled therapy sessions, our Occupational Therapy team work on multiple skills at a time, adapting the activity in the moment to ensure the highest opportunity of success. Our team has tailored a classic holiday tradition to your child’s needs!

Popcorn Garland

One activity to include your children in this season is making a popcorn garland! Have them help decorate the Christmas tree or place it outside to watch the birds and squirrels have their own feast! You will need popcorn kernels, a large plastic yarn needle, and heavy-duty thread.

If your child’s Occupational Therapy goals relate to following directions, sequencing, or meal prep, focusing on the cooking component of the activity:

  • Read one direction at a time, providing time and assistance to complete the step.
  • If your child can read, have them read one direction at a time and follow through.
  • Ask your child to verbalize the directions after reading ensuring comprehension.
  • Assist your child using the microwave: ask them to open the door, find the numbers, etc. to promote visual scanning skills.
  • Ask exploratory questions about what they think the next step should be or what will happen next promoting insight and problem solving.

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