5 Ways to Encourage Independence

By AASLDecember 3, 2020

In occupational therapy, we are always encouraging the development of independent living skills for our clients, but it can be challenging for our busy families to integrate daily practice into their schedule. Here are 5 tips to encourage independence in your child:

  1. Establish a routine: Establishing a predictable and consistent routine is key! For the most part, we all perform the same tasks in the same manner everyday. Whether it’s taking a shower, styling your hair, or driving to work, the steps you take become automatic because you have practiced them over and over. Helping your child to establish routines, will help them know what is expected of them each morning/night and over time they will require less and less help from you!
  2. Trial & error: Allow your child to put their shirt on backwards, shoes on the wrong feet, or make a mess when helping to put away their laundry. This gives you the perfect opportunity to help your child problem solve through an activity rather than completing it or correcting it for them. It’s okay that it’s not perfect, they are learning!
  3. Baby Steps: Start with simple tasks your child can easily complete such as putting dishes in the sink after a meal, helping to wipe the table, putting away their shoes, or putting their dirty clothes in the hamper. As your child becomes proficient with these small everyday tasks, you can add more activities to further encourage independence.
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