Wishing You An Exciting Summer!

By AASLJune 23, 2017

“Here comes the sun…I say…it’s alright…”  ~The Beatles

It’s hard to believe it but summer has surely found us!  Cannot believe how fast time is flying this year and that we are already almost halfway through 2017!  The weather has surely changed and that hot, humid summer air is upon us, school has wrapped up, and another busy season of camp, traveling, and summer school has arrived!

As therapists in an outpatient private practice setting, we often get asked what our summer plans are or how much time we get off.  Our answer is relatively simple—summer is our busy time!  Here at All About Speech & Language our doors are open for continued 1:1 speech and occupational therapy, along with gearing up for more intensive support that we provide in Reading as well as in Handwriting.

In past summers we have conducted social skills camps, however, in an effort to continue to grow, refine, and offer the best evidence-based, functional, and developmentally appropriate social programs, we have decided to take this summer off to continue to plan, develop, and grow this area that is not only in our clinical expertise, but also near and dear to our hearts.  Stay tuned for upcoming information on our fall programs provided in our e-news and shared on our Facebook page, as well as on our website!!

Gracie’s always in on the action, motivating our All About Speech & Language friends along the way!

Since it’s Gracie’s first official year working at All About Speech & Language as a service dog, she didn’t quite get her “paws” together for a challenge she wanted to launch (what can we say, she’s a busy girl!), so we eagerly anticipate what is going to come of her challenge for next summer!  In the meantime, Gracie has been super busy in the office working with our reading and writing friends, in addition to providing comfort to our friends with anxiety, speech and language delays, and helping with transitions between Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, as well as in leaving the office.

Gracie welcomes any pictures you take with her around the office this summer as well as in any sessions she helps out with!  Send your pictures along to: info@aaspeech.com  and we will be sure to add them to our growing collection of Gracie cuteness on our website and throughout social media!

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