8 Ways to Promote Early Language Skills at Home

By AASLMay 28, 2018

If your child is having trouble or delays with early language skill development, here are tips to help you improve his/her language development at home. They’re fun, easy, and you can incorporate them into your daily life without much hassle.

Early Language Development Tips

  1. Narrate what you are doing or talk about things in your environment (“Mommy is washing the dishes, daddy is making a sandwich, I see a big airplane in the sky, etc.)
  2. Shared reading (another opportunity to identify and label vocabulary, ask simple WH-questions)
  3. Sing songs that have repetitive sequences (Wheels on the bus, Old McDonald had a Farm, If You’re Happy and You Know It)
  4. Follow your child’s lead (repeat what he/she says, elaborate and expand upon it, ask questions, etc.)
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