Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI)

Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention

All About Speech and Language offers Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI), a valuable approach to incorporate into your child’s therapy sessions.  REI uses auditory rhythm to effect neurological functions.  It is evidenced-based and has been proven through research and studies to effect calming, alertness, improved sleep patterns, sensory processing and ability to sustain attention for longer periods of time.  REI is an additional treatment intervention that is utilized during treatment sessions and/or and at home, to enhance your child’s progression in achieving and sustaining their goals, based on their individual needs.

REI can have both a short term, immediate effect as well as long term, sustainable effects for individuals with varying diagnosis.  REI uses different rhythmic recording that can either be customize or general, based on the desired outcome.  Here at All About Speech and Language we have Authorized Providers who can assist you in determining which pathway and option is best for you and your family.

For more information about REI, please visit:  www.stronginstitute.com