First Study Showing Signs of Fragile X in Infancy

By AASLJune 24, 2018

July 22nd is National Fragile X Awareness Day and AASL is here to help spread the word #FragileX! 

Did you know that Fragile X Syndrome is one of the most commonly inherited genetic disorders worldwide, affecting 1 in 4000 boys and 1 in 6000 girls? 

Here are a 5 more facts to from the National Fragile X Foundation to help us spread awareness:

–       1. Fragile X is the leading known genetic cause of Autism Spectrum Disorders; 2-6% of children with ASD have been diagnosed with Fragile X.

–       2. Fragile X can cause speech impairments, and some children may display rapid and repetitive speech patterns that are difficult to understand.

–       3. Children with Fragile X Syndrome may exhibit behavioral challenges, hyperactivity, anxiety, and sensory sensitivities.

–       4. Fragile X is the leading known cause of inherited intellectual disabilities, ranging from mild learning difficulties to severe cognitive impairments.

–       5. With therapy, support, and education, children with Fragile X Syndrome can maximize their potential to lead full, meaningful lives!

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To explain the results of this study, we first have to explain what white matter is.
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