All About Stuttering

By AASLOctober 18, 2022

October 22nd is International Stuttering Awareness Day! There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding stuttering, many that we come across in our offices. At All About Speech and Language, our Speech-Language Pathologists are highly trained to work with children who stutter. Our team is breaking down what exactly stuttering is and what can it sound like to increase awareness around this very common fluency disorder.

What is Stuttering?

Per the American Speech- Language Hearing Association, stuttering is defined as “the most common fluency disorder. It is an interruption in the flow of speaking characterized by specific types of disfluencies.” Stuttering often begins around the ages of 2 ½ to 5 years old. Stuttering is worked on in Speech-Language Pathology sessions through modifications of speech or adjustments to triggers. There may be some physical reactions a person can experience due to stuttering, such as uncontrollable muscle movements or facial tensions.

What Does Stuttering Sound Like?

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