AASL’s Top 5 Low Cost Toys To Help Support Your Child’s Therapy Goals At Home!

By AASLDecember 3, 2020

Bonus: They all start with the letter “B” making them super easy to remember!

While many parents of young children are involved in therapy sessions with us, we know that as a parent, it can be hard to carry over your child’s speech-language and occupational therapy goals in your day-to-day lives. Your role as a parent encompasses so many responsibilities, so we wanted to make incorporating practice at home as easy as it can be by giving you a few ideas to promote your child’s development.  Play is the primary way that children learn, and, at AASL our goal is to make therapy fun and effective!  Here are some of our go-to toys that help elicit language and promote communication and play skills.

  1. Bubbles

-Promote interaction and referencing skills (eye contact)

-Encourage imitation skills with familiar sequences of events (pop, blow, ready, set…go, etc.)

2. Balls

-Joint attention and referencing skills are required for back and forth throws, rolling, etc. -Action words: throw, catch, roll, bounce, etc.

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